22 March 2011

Easy Irish Tea Bread

Take your loaf tin and fill it up half way with mixed dried fruit. Tip into a bowl and pour over left over tea to cover. Leave to plump up nicely. A couple of hours should do it. Then mix in an egg, a pinch of any spice you like, and enough flour to make a very thick batter. Grease your loaf tin (although I have just discovered silicon and have a floppy blue one that is so non stick that you just rinse out with cold water). Put the mixture in the tin and bake for about 40 minutes at Gas Mk 4 180 C. Test with a skewer in the usual way, and tip out to cool. You can eat warm as well, and it is delicious spread with a little butter. Honestly, it is astonishing how delicious this tea loaf is, and so simple and low in fat.

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