21 February 2011

How to Gussy Up Cauliflower

Make this dressing in a pestle and mortar as there is too little to make in a processor. Combine 6 anchovies with an egg yolk or two and about 4 tblspns seedy mustard and black pepper. Pestle away until it has made a paste. Then stir in lemon juice and olive oil to taste. 

Break the cauliflower into florets and steam until just cooked but still firm. Spread on a serving dish and drizzle (I don’t like this word, but it is hard to think of another in this context) over the dressing, serving at once. 

If this is too much trouble, try drizzling over some melted butter and scattering with toasted almonds. Or melted butter and grated Gruyere. The flavour of organic cauliflower is excellent on its own as well.

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