16 February 2011

Pink Veal Kebabs

Veal is a fact of life if we are to have a dairy industry - as half the calves born are male, and therefore not useful to a milking herd. There are many Italian recipes which enhance the qualities of healthy, pink veal, and this is one of them.
Cut a pepper open, discard the seeds and core, and cut it into squares. Peel an onion, quarter it, and divide each quarter into 3 nearly equal pieces by separating the layers. Cut an aubergine into cubes. Place cubes of veal alternating with the vegetables on short wooden skewers which you have previously soaked for an hour or two, arranging them any way you like as long as you begin and end with aubergine, but don't put aubergine next to meat. Brown the skewers in olive oil in a large sauté pan with a lid, turning once or twice. Add a good splash of Marsala and let it evaporate for a minute or so, then cover the pan. Turn down the heat and cook until the meat feels firm (15 to 20 minutes). Turn them from time to time. Serve them with their juices over simple long-grain rice.

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