16 February 2011

What to do with Beetroot

Beetroot Ideas You can peel the little beets and grate them for a healthy tonic salad packed with vitamins. Dress with seasonings and a little vinaigrette, or just with lemon juice and salt for raw energy.

Or you can cook them: rinse and trim the little beetroots and boil in their skins until you can insert a knife easily. Rinse in cold water and slip off the skins. Slice and dress with vinaigrette made with whole grain mustard, and dust with finely chopped parsley.

Or, for an authentic Russian salad, make some mayonnaise by stirring a couple of egg yolks in a small bowl with salt, pepper and mustard. Gradually stir or whisk in a thin stream of peanut or grapeseed oil until you have a glossy, thick sauce. Cut into a rough dice, steamed carrots, potatoes and beetroots. Deseed and dice half a cucumber. Chop a little raw onion and peeled tomato if you like. Fold the vegetables carefully into the mayonnaise, checking the seasoning. Just allow the mayonnaise to coat the vegetables so they show like jewels through its transparent glossiness. Heap into a neat mount (the shape of Silbury Hill) on a round plate. Slice a couple of hard boiled eggs and decorate the outside of the mound with the egg slices stuck on. Dust chopped parsley over the top, and serve with lettuce lightly dressed.

Or, gently combine with slices of mushroom which you have briefly marinated in lemon juice, seasonings and a little olive oil, and serve over lettuce leaves.

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