16 February 2011

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream

This is all the nicer if you use a real vanilla pod, but a good real vanilla essence can add a delicious flavour as well. Beat 2 whole organic eggs with two organic egg yolks, and 2 oz (50g) organic sugar together until well blended and pale in colour and foamy. Split vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds into _ pint (300ml) organic milk in saucepan. You can use a double boiler for increased safety as the addition of egg white means it is even more likely to curdle. Warm the milk for 10 minutes or so to infuse. Then slowly stir into the egg mixture. Return to the rinsed pan. Set over a very low heat, and stir until it begins to thicken. Take off heat immediately, and plunge bottom of saucepan into cold water. Pour into a bowl, and cool. Then whisk in _ pint (300ml) organic cream. When cold, freeze in a machine according to instructions. The little black specks of vanilla look very fashionable! At this time of year, cinnamon is a good basic ice-cream flavour. Make as above, but infuse a cinnamon stick in the milk instead of vanilla. Excellent with apple compote or poached pears.

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