16 February 2011

Chicken and Cabbage Salad with Dipping Sauce

Mix 3 tblspn water, 3 tblspn lemon or lime juice, 2 tblspn sugar, 2 small crushed garlic cloves, 3 tblspn Thai fish sauce (from supermarkets and oriental shops), 1 fresh chopped and de-seeded chilli (to taste) until the sugar is dissolved. Then put aside. Discard any tough outer cabbage leaves and the hard stalk and, holding firmly in one hand, shred the cabbage leaves with a sharp knife. Scrape a carrot and grate. Slice a little mild or spring onion finely. In a large bowl, mix 1 tblspn sugar with 3 tblspns white wine or rice vinegar and 1 tblspn water. When dissolved, add cabbage, onion and carrot and coat thoroughly. Leave for one hour, then drain well. Either steam a couple of fresh organic chicken breasts, or use leftover cold chicken. Shred. Slice a couple of shallots or onions very finely, and fry for seconds in hot oil until brown and crispy. To serve, mix thoroughly drained cabbage, onion and carrot with chicken. Dress with the dipping sauce to taste, and serve sprinkled with the fried onions or shallots, plus fresh coriander (call about our fresh organic pot herbs). This is good with hard-boiled eggs, and roasted peanuts.

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