16 February 2011

Mulligatawny Soup

Feeling all the Raj? Try this soup.

Scrape and chop carrots, peel and chop onion, together with any other odds and ends from the vegetable rack (parsnip, turnip, swede etc). Sauté in sunflower oil until onion is transparent. Tip in half a pack of red lentils. Add 1 tblspn medium curry powder (a version such as Schwartz containing whole spices is just right). Stir round to coat, then cover with boiling water. Bring to the boil and put in an oven 180C/Gas 4, for 45 minutes. Test to see if veg is cooked through. Then puree. Taste and season with salt, freshly ground black pepper, and lemon juice. Add a little more chilli if it hasn't enough kick. Serve very hot with plain yoghurt swirled in, and snipped greenery on top - I have tried rocket, parsley and fresh coriander to good effect.

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