16 February 2011

Moroccan Hot Carrot Salad

Scrape carrots, cut up and steam until very soft. Mash with a fork in a bowl with _ to 1 tsp harissa (North African chilli paste - very hot) or chilli powder with paprika to taste; 1 tsp ground cumin (toast gently in a frying pan and grind in a pestle and mortar or use fresh ready ground); a splash of red wine vinegar, another of good olive oil; crushed garlic to taste, salt, pepper and a pinch of ground ginger if you have it. Serve with hot pitta bread or toast. What looks very nice for a dinner party first course is to serve a dollop of the carrot beside a dollop of greek yoghurt dusted with parsley, on a bright green (or other startling) plate.

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