16 February 2011

What to do with Squash

Squash's bright orange flesh packs a massive carotene punch. Cut them into 1 inch (2cm) sections, and scrape out the seeds and fibre. The seeds are full of Omega 3 essential oils, you can roast them if they are big enough and crack them open to eat. Put the slices flat side down on a buttered baking sheet with an edge so the butter doesn't run off. Butter, salt and pepper the slices and place under a hot grill, not too close so that the flesh cooks through without burning which should take around 10 minutes for the first side. Turn over and butter and season again. Grill until golden. Then sprinkle each piece with grated Parmesan, and put back in the grill for a few minutes until cheese turns golden too. Remove with a palate knife. You can eat these peeled and tossed into cooked noodles - either Italian or Asian - if using the latter, sprinkle with soy sauce instead of cheese.

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