16 February 2011

Carrot and Potato Puree

This can be a way to get children to eat carrots (it seems to be the texture that they don't like) - otherwise it is a simply delicious vegetable dish suitable for all. Try not to peel organic carrots, they should only need a scrub or scrape at most unless they are getting a bit old. Cut them in four lengthways. Peel approx. the same amount of potatoes (making mash with potatoes cooked in their skins leads to glue). Boil carrots and potatoes together until soft in salted water (about 20 mins). Never use a food processor for potatoes (see above for result). Push through a potato ricer or a mouli legume, or simply mash. Stir in a little cream or milk to loosen, and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Sprinkle chopped parsley liberally over the top.

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