12 August 2012

Japanese Caramel

I found this intriguing dish in a parcel of old hand written recipes in my friend Susan's house. Never seen anything quite like it, and determined to have a go when the occasion arises.

2 oz sugar (it says 'loaf' which dates it!)
2 tblspns water for caramel
Make caramel in the usual way.
Line what she calls a 'centre mould' - ie a ring mould - with the caramel.
Then whip 3 egg white until stiff, add 4 oz of caster sugar, stirring in lightly.

You can't really see where this is going can you?

Well, 'stand in a meat tin with water for one and a half hours. turn out (I return it to the oven after turning out until it crisps outside, in slow oven, without the water. Fill centre with whipped cream.'

A bit like a sort of poached angel cake really. I would fill the centre with raspberries or similar as well as the whipped cream.

Amazing, eh?

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