16 February 2011

How to revive droopy lettuce

If you forget about a lettuce in your fridge, and it gets slightly droopy, try this odd sounding tip from a French friend. Fill the sink with warm (yes warm) water, and plunge the divided lettuce in the water for about five minutes. Then toss in the spinner, and spin like mad. You will find it will have firmed up in the most extraordinary way. Chop an onion very finely and marinate in about 2 tblspns white wine or cider vinegar. Take the zest off a lemon and an orange and squeeze. Add the two juices and zests to the vinegar and shallots, plus a pinch of salt and Cut two grapefruits in half, and with a small sharp knife cut out each little section leaving its pith behind. Believe me, it is very much worth doing this. Cut a couple of avocados in half, and take the pip out. Cut in strips in the skin, then scoop out with a big spoon. Whisk in olive oil to taste to the citrus juice mixture. Toss torn lettuce in a bowl with grapefruit segments and avocado slices, and dress with dressing. Season with more salt if you like.

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