20 June 2011

Southern Fried Chicken

As we walked back from the rain drenched local carnival, we talked about what was for dinner. Small son said he didn't want a tray roast with vegetable and lemon, would I fry the chicken instead. So then I thought, what about the REAL thing that KFC tries to emulate?

Had some lovely Oakham free range chicken thighs thawed out. Drenched them in plain yoghurt mixed with a half tsp salt and five crushed garlic cloves, and left them to marinade for an hour or two.

Mixed flour with a teaspoon each of: herbes provencal, cumin, chilli powder, black and white pepper, ground ginger, freshly grated nutmeg. A dessertspoon of smoked paprika and a shake or two of dried basil, plus more salt. It's really up to you what you use, just don't use too much cumin as it is overwhelming and won't have the right US style nuance.

Then pulled each piece of chicken out of the yogurt and shook it a bit. Dipped in seasoned flour and fried three at a time in hot vegetable oil until golden brown and cooked through. The boys absolutely loved it. Gave a cold piece to Small to take in his lunchbox. He smiled at me brightly and said, 'Everyone will be so jealous, they'll think you've given me KFC! And then....' 'I'll tell them you made it!'

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