24 February 2012

My Light Keyes Lime Pie

Last night I decided to make key lime pie - I had no idea what it was, but thought it sounded delicious if possibly somewhat rich (being US based). I read various recipes, and it actually seemed very simple in its basic form, so I adapted what I read to suit what I had in the house.

2 egg whites whisked until quite stiff and glossy white
1 tin light condensed milk (much lower in fat)
3 limes  (take zest off with grater and squeeze thorougly)
Half a pack digestive biscuits
a dsstspn butter

Smash up or otherwise crumb the biscuits and combine with melted butter. Press the mixture around a pie dish or I used a shallow cake tin lined with one of those lakeland pleated tin liners for easy lifting out. Whisk eggwhites until stiff and combine with whole tin of condensed milk, whisk in the juice. Then stir in the zest. Pour this unctuous mixture into the crumb base and bake at 180C for about 20 minutes, until just firm to touch and very slightly golden. Eat cool or hot. Unbelievably good. Many sighs of pleasure around the table.

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